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Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Alleviate My Menopausal Symptoms?

 Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Alleviate My Menopausal Symptoms?

Menopause is the period in your life when your hormones change, and you can no longer have a baby. During this stage in your life, your hormones are erratic, causing various uncomfortable symptoms.

These symptoms can last for years, wreaking havoc on your life and activities. Hormone replacement therapy is an option to help alleviate your symptoms.

At Life Point Medical, Dr. Timothy Scott Beck offers BioTe® pellets when you need hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Beck and his team evaluate your symptoms to determine the best treatment for you.

Common menopause symptoms

Menopause isn't something that you look forward to in your life. However, every woman goes through this stage where her hormones are in complete chaos as her body prepares for the end of her childbearing years.

During this stage in your life, your estrogen production drops significantly, causing a variety of unbearable symptoms, including:

Another common symptom of menopause is irregular periods. As your body transitions into menopause, it's preparing to stop your menstrual cycle. You may go for months without a menstrual cycle or have heavy bleeding between your periods.

The severity of your symptoms varies, and they may come and go throughout perimenopause and menopause. If you can't deal with your symptoms alone, hormone replacement therapy can help.

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a type of treatment our team uses to treat the symptoms of menopause. HRT contains either estrogen or progesterone to even out your hormones.

Dr. Beck evaluates your symptoms and overall health to determine what type of hormone therapy is right for you. His goal is to give you the lowest dose of hormones to relieve your symptoms and prevent conditions like osteoporosis.

The estrogen-only therapy is available in various forms, including gels, patches, and creams. Estrogen and progesterone therapy also come in several types for your convenience.

When determining what type of HRT you need, Dr. Beck considers if you still have your uterus — if so, it's best to use an estrogen/progesterone HRT. Combination therapy decreases your chances of endometrial cancer.

You don't need to take progesterone if you've had a hysterectomy. You'll need to take estrogen-only therapy to ease your symptoms.

How do BioTe® pellets work?

BioTe pellets are tiny capsules that Dr. Beck inserts under your skin at an in-office procedure. The pellets contain estrogen that's chemically similar to the estrogen in your body. These are considered bioidentical, which helps reduce the side effects of HRT.

The BioTe pellets absorb slowly into your system, keeping your hormone levels consistent throughout the day. These pellets last for months, meaning you only need to see Dr. Beck twice a year to have another pellet inserted under your skin.

The advantage of BioTe pellets is that they provide a continuous supply of hormones. Other treatments may cause ups and downs, depending on how much estrogen or progesterone is absorbed. The pellets reduce the roller coaster effect on your body.

Suppose you're suffering from uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. In that case, Dr. Beck evaluates your health to determine if bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help you.

If you're tired of suffering from menopausal symptoms, call the Life Point Medical team today at 706-782-0016 or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Beck at our office in Clayton, Georgia.

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