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Timothy Scott Beck, MD -  - Primary Care Physician

Life Point Medical, LLC

Timothy Scott Beck, MD

Primary Care Physician & Internal Medicine located in Clayton, GA

You probably have a sense you should go to the doctor with some sort of regularity. But life gets in the way. To help, Timothy Beck, MD, offers video visits, otherwise known as telemedicine. From the convenience of your own home, you can get a checkup, prescription refill, lab review, and more. If you’d like to get set up with video visits, call Life Point Medical, LLC or schedule an appointment at their Clayton, Georgia, office online today.

Telemedicine Q & A

What is a video visit?

A video visit, or telemedicine appointment, gives you all the benefits of meeting with your doctor face-to-face without any of the inconveniences. No traffic on your way to the office, no waiting room, no wasted time; just you and Dr. Beck directly talking. A video visit allows you to get the health care you need from whatever location at whatever time is most convenient to you.

Dr. Beck decided to start offering video visits because he’s dedicated to helping his patients lead their healthiest lives. He knows that with all the busyness of day-to-day routines, getting to the doctor’s office isn’t always easy. Video visits are designed to remove the barriers between you and the care you need, helping you get expert medical advice whenever you need or want it. 

What can a telemedicine appointment accomplish?

Not only are video visits extremely convenient, but they’re also effective. You and Dr. Beck can use telemedicine to:

  • Perform a general checkup
  • Review lab work together
  • Get a new prescription or a prescription refill
  • Talk about any acute health problems

Dr. Beck will treat your video visit like any other appointment. He’ll review your medical history, get a clear understanding of any relevant symptoms, and recommend a treatment plan that will help you be your healthiest self. 

Whether you want to review the results of your annual checkup but haven’t been able to get around to it or had an acute problem crop up and want to address it right away, video visits are ideal. 

Does insurance cover video visits?

Yes! Other than the digital interface, a video visit is no different from a normal appointment with Dr. Beck and your insurance will cover it accordingly. Plus, the video visit system is easy to use. The team at Life Point Medical, LLC has worked hard to optimize the system so every aspect of it – from setting up the video to getting it covered by insurance – is a breeze for you. 

To get started on video visits, call Life Point Medical, LLC or book a consultation online today. 

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