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Timothy Scott Beck, MD -  - Primary Care Physician

Life Point Medical, LLC

Timothy Scott Beck, MD

Primary Care Physician & Internal Medicine located in Clayton, GA

Wellness has become a popular topic of late, and integrated wellness care is part of the services available from Monique Petteys, FNP-C, at The Women's Center at Life Point Medical in Clayton, Georgia, Rabun County, Georgia, and Northeast Georgia. If you are ready to take a new, proactive approach to your health and wellness, schedule a visit at your earliest convenience. You are always welcome to call the office to set up an appointment.

Wellness Q & A

What is women’s wellness?

Wellness is a hot topic in the health and personal care industry, yet many women are uncertain exactly what the term means. Wellness is a complex concept that encompasses many aspects of a woman’s life.  

Women’s wellness is more than an absence of disease, although disease prevention is part of wellness. It is a state of being in which you address all of your needs, whether those needs are physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Your family and social dynamics are also part of wellness. The people you live with or spend time with factor into your overall wellness and behavioral health issues like addiction or anxiety are also part of the equation. 

What can I do to enhance wellness?

The best place to begin is by working with a medical professional who understands the importance of wellness in overall health. At The Women’s Center at Life Point Medical, Monique works closely with the women in her care to identify areas where improvement is possible, then structures action plans that can affect real change. 

The process starts with a conversation about your lifestyle, your emotional health, and your overall outlook. These discussions are part of routine well-woman care, and Monique dedicates a portion of each visit to talking about wellness issues. 

Women’s health may center on reproductive health, but it extends far beyond. Monique works to provide comprehensive wellness care that meets your current set of needs. 

What might wellness care look like?

Just as no two women are alike, none will share the exact same set of wellness needs. Your focus might be on how to feel more energized and productive, while another woman might want to focus on reducing anxiety and finding relief from interpersonal strife. 

Some women benefit from trying new wellness practices, like yoga, meditation, guided breathing, or other activities. These pursuits can help you achieve more balance in your daily life, and are great ways to reduce stress and restore a sense of calm. 

Women in menopause often suffer from a range of symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy using a pellet-based system can provide relief, enhancing wellness. 

If you’d like to learn more about self-care and how to enhance your overall wellness, call The Women’s Center at Life Point Medical today to set up a visit. Online scheduling is also available, and makes it easy to find a time that fits your busy life.