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Sexual Health

Timothy Scott Beck, MD -  - Primary Care Physician

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Timothy Scott Beck, MD

Primary Care Physician & Internal Medicine located in Clayton, GA

Sexual health is part of your overall health and wellness and is a topic that far too many women overlook. At The Women's Center at Life Point Medical in Clayton, Georgia, Rabun County, Georgia, and Northeast Georgia, Monique Petteys, FNP-C, works to ensure every woman in her care has access to top-quality sexual health services. Learn more during your initial visit, which you can book over the phone today.

Sexual Health Q & A

What is sexual health?

Sexual health is an aspect of overall health and wellness. It focuses on ensuring that you achieve a sex life that is rewarding, fulfilling, and meets your needs. Sexual health also focuses on preventing unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). 

At the center of sexual health is an understanding that sexuality is an essential part of human life, and that sexual behaviors are only part of sexuality. For example, access to accurate sexual health education and care is a big part of sexual health, as well as securing your rights to a safe and consensual sexual life. 

What types of services are available within sexual health?

Monique offers many different services that can help you achieve optimal sexual health. Your needs are unique, and are the result of your specific age, lifestyle, and circumstances. Meeting those needs is an area of specialty at The Women’s Center at Life Point Medical. 

For example, a young woman about to leave home for college may need information on birth control options. She might also benefit from a discussion about how to prevent STDs. A review of consent and sexual rights is also important during early adulthood. 

A woman who has a young child might also want to explore birth control options. She might want to talk to her health professional about changes in sex drive, how to maintain intimacy alongside the challenges of parenthood, or how to discuss her sex life with her partner.

Older women may have questions about menopause symptoms and whether hormone replacement therapy is a good solution. No matter your particular needs, Monique is here to help. 

What are the benefits of discussing sexual health with a professional?

Achieving a rich and satisfying sex life is among the most beneficial goals a woman can set for herself. But the road to success is not always as straightforward and simple as imagined. Working with a professional is a great way to identify challenges and work toward solutions. 

If you are hesitant to broach the subject of sexual health during your visits, rest assured that Monique is happy to discuss anything you are concerned about. No topic is off-limits, and there is no need to feel self-conscious about the interaction. 

When you’re ready to put your needs at the forefront and explore all that sexual health care has to offer, call The Women’s Center at Life Point Medical, or book your appointment online.