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Birth Control

Timothy Scott Beck, MD -  - Primary Care Physician

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Timothy Scott Beck, MD

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Family planning is a central component of every woman’s life, regardless of when and how she chooses to shape her reproductive choices. Birth control allows women to structure their family to suit their lifestyle and is one of many services available from Monique Petteys, FNP-C, at The Women's Center at Life Point Medical in Clayton, Georgia, Rabun County, Georgia, and Northeast Georgia. To explore your birth control options, call the office today to book a visit.

Birth Control Q & A

What are some common birth control options?

Women have never had so many excellent options when it comes to birth control. There is a solution to fit every set of needs. Birth control methods are either hormonal or barrier (nonhormonal). 

Hormonal birth control works by altering your hormonal balance to prevent ovulation or create an environment that is not conducive to fertilization. Some examples include:

  • Birth control pills
  • Birth control implant
  • Birth control patches
  • Birth control injections
  • Vaginal ring
  • Intrauterine device (IUD), although there are also nonhormonal IUD options

Barrier methods work by placing a physical barrier between sperm and egg. Some examples include:

  • Male and female condoms
  • Cervical cap
  • Sponges
  • Diaphragm

Spermicide can be used with barrier methods to further reduce the risk of pregnancy. 

Which birth control option is most convenient?

If you’re searching for a birth control option that provides long-term protection without the need to remember to take a daily pill, the birth control implant is a great choice. Today’s implants last four or more years, and require just one visit to The Women's Center at Life Point Medical to have the implant placed and one to have it removed. 

An IUD is also a convenient birth control method that is highly effective, long-lasting, and maintenance-free. Birth control injections last for three months and are another popular choice. 

Some factors to consider are whether you plan to get pregnant in the coming months or years, your overall health, and how your body has reacted to birth control in the past. If you have a gynecologic condition, some options can even reduce your symptoms. 

As a reminder, the only form of birth control that also provides a degree of protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is male and female condoms. STD testing is an important part of overall health and wellness, especially for women with multiple partners. 

Book an appointment at The Women’s Center at Life Point Medical today. You leave with a birth control method that suits your health and lifestyle, as well as professional guidance on how to ensure you don’t become pregnant until or unless you choose to.