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How Ortho Jelly Ingredients Reduce Your Pain

Pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong, but it takes a toll on your life when it sticks around. Many treatments are available for various types of pain, including topical ointments like Ortho Jelly.

When searching for a homeopathic pain relief treatment, Dr. Timothy Scott Beck has the solution for you at his practice, Life Point Medical. Dr. Beck is an internal medicine specialist who helps you finally get your pain under control with customized treatments and compassionate care.

What is Ortho Jelly?

Ortho Jelly is a topical ointment that you rub onto an area of your body when you have pain. The consistency of ortho jelly is like a salve.

The ingredients in Ortho Jelly help relax your muscles and nerves, providing pain relief and a sense of calm. You can use it as much as you like as a topical solution to joint aches and muscle soreness.

One of the aspects of Ortho Jelly is that it's a natural choice. There are plenty of other treatments available that aren't natural and come with side effects.

Ortho Jelly is a simple solution for quick and efficient relief from minor aches and pains.

When can Ortho Jelly help?

If you're looking for a pain relief solution that's simple and has natural ingredients, Ortho Jelly may be what you've been searching for. Dr. Beck recommends ortho jelly for various types of pain, including:

Ortho Jelly works quickly and efficiently for mild to moderate pain. When you rub it on the area of pain, the ingredients begin to soothe your tissues and relieve your pain.

Dr. Beck may recommend Ortho Jelly as a complementary treatment to other therapies or for mild arthritis or joint pain.

How the ingredients work for pain

The creators of Ortho Jelly specifically formulated the medication to improve pain with natural ingredients. You don't have to worry about the side effects of pain medication when you use Ortho Jelly for pain relief.

The science behind Ortho Jelly's success is the carefully selected ingredients in the product. Each one of the ingredients targets specific areas in your body to help reduce pain. Some of the main ingredients in ortho jelly are:


Capsaicin originates in chili peppers, but you can use it as a pain remedy in many topical ointments, including Ortho Jelly. Capsaicin works on the pain transmitter substance P, which controls pain in your nerves.

The method of action with capsaicin is the reduction of substance P, especially for osteoarthritis. However, it's also valuable for other conditions that involve painful nerves, such as fibromyalgia.

Witch hazel

Witch hazel is a type of tree native to North America, specifically the east coast. The anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel make it an excellent ingredient in Ortho Jelly.

With pain reduction, witch hazel works on conditions like hemorrhoids, insect bites, and varicose veins.


Camphor oil comes from the bark of camphor trees. You can often find camphor oil in topical analgesic medications, including Ortho Jelly.

Camphor oil is excellent for muscle aches and joint pain and has a heat and cooling mechanism when applied to your skin. Camphor oil reduces pain by limiting the action of sensory receptors on your nerves. It also stimulates circulation, which helps improve discomfort as well.


Menthol comes from peppermint oil that's in certain plants. It can also be man-made from chemicals in a lab.

When you apply it to your skin, Menthol emits a soothing, cooling sensation. It's often included in topical pain relief remedies like Ortho Jelly for minor muscle aches and pains.


Arnica plants are common in western North America and are in the sunflower family. It contains helenalin, which is an anti-inflammatory ingredient in the plant itself. However, helenalin is toxic if consumed and is irritating when undiluted.

However, in small doses of homeopathic remedies, arnica is a natural anti-inflammatory, relieving issues like muscle aches, pains, and joint discomfort.

Other active ingredients in Ortho Jelly include black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, and eucalyptus. These ingredients work together to provide short-term pain relief from minor aches and pains.

To inquire about Ortho Jelly for pain relief, call the Life Point Medical team today at 706-782-0016 or schedule an appointment with Dr. Beck online at our Clayton, Georgia, office.

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