5 Important Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

5 Important Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Whether you’re taking a family vacation or going out of town for business, traveling can take a toll on your body. Timothy Scott Beck, MD of Life Point Medical in Clayton, Georgia. 

offers the following tips to five tips to help you stay healthy and safe while on the road.

1. Keep a healthy distance

If you are traveling on a plane, you’re inevitably near a lot of people. You do have to sit next to other passengers and breathe recycled air, but you can protect yourself from exposure to germs.

Wash your hands often, carry hand sanitizer, and keep from putting your hands on your mouth or eyes if you’ve got kids with you. Use wipes and tissues to wash their hands and faces.

2.  Watch what you eat and drink

Foreign travel can pose challenges when it comes to food and drink. You’re used to the bacteria in American food and water. Still, different water filtration systems and different bacteria can do a number on your gastrointestinal system, leaving you in the bathroom rather than out sightseeing.

Drink bottled water when out of the country and ask your hotel and restaurants about bottled or filtered water. Be mindful not to swallow unfiltered water when you shower, swim or brush your teeth. Remember that fruits and vegetables eaten with the peel may have been rinsed in water that isn’t filtered. Peel fruits and veggies, or stick to cooked ones.

3. Maintain some healthy habits

When you’re on vacation, you want to relax, but that doesn’t mean you throw all your diet and fitness routines away. Sure, indulge at special meals or for a special treat like a slice of New York pizza but look for healthy snacks such as fresh fruits, whole-grain crackers, or low-fat dairy. 

You don’t have to keep up a formal exercise routine while on the road, but try and at least move around a little, so you don’t undo all of your great work at home. Go for walks and explore. Climb the stairs at the airport instead of riding the escalator. Anytime you see an opportunity to stretch your legs and muscles, you’re doing your body a favor.

4. Sleep well

For many, sleeping in a different bed in and of itself is difficult. Packing a few perks from home can help, such as a neck pillow, mask for your eyes, and earplugs.

Changing time zones can present an additional challenge. When you’re heading to different time zones, set your phone or watch to your destination time as soon as you board the plane. Also, if possible, try and get the sleep you need while en route. Your circadian rhythms may be off for a day or two, but they catch up if you go to bed at your usual hour in the new time zone. Get on the new time zone schedule as quickly as possible to minimize complications with time adjustments.

5. Protect yourself

Your health insurance should cover you wherever you go for travel in America, especially in an emergency. If your trip takes you out of the country, contact your health insurance company to find out what’s covered and if you need any supplemental insurance. You’ll appreciate the peace of mind and the protection should something happen.

Call Dr. Beck at Life Point Medical or request your appointment online today for all of your medical travel needs. 

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