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Annual Wellness Exam

Timothy Scott Beck, MD -  - Primary Care Physician

Life Point Medical, LLC

Timothy Scott Beck, MD

Primary Care Physician & Internal Medicine located in Clayton, GA

You take your car to the mechanic. You keep your gutters clean. There are a number of maintenance to-dos that require your attention in any given year. But don’t forget one of the most important: Keeping your health in top shape. Through an annual wellness exam, Timothy Beck, MD, and his dedicated staff at Life Point Medical, LLC can help. To learn more about this important yearly checkup or to schedule yours, call their Clayton, Georgia, office or book your appointment online.

Annual Wellness Exam Q & A

What is an annual wellness exam?

An annual wellness exam is a perfect opportunity for Dr. Beck to make sure that every aspect of your health is in top shape. It is an important preventive measure that ensures any health issues are identified early when they're easiest to treat.

What should I expect during my annual wellness exam?

During your exam, Dr. Beck will have his dedicated team check your height, weight, blood pressure, and any other vital stats to ensure your body is operating as it should. Services rendered include shots, screenings, and referrals. Dr. Beck customizes your annual wellness exam to you. He will assess your overall health based on your age, sex, and other relevant factors. He will collect a medical and family history and educate and counsel you on preventive actions. He will complete blood work so he can ensure there aren't any hidden health problems that haven't come to your attention, including the potential for chronic conditions like heart disease and osteoporosis. In short, Dr. Beck will assess your current health and work with you to develop a plan to keep you healthy all year long. We will also schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss and review the findings of the lab work.
An annual wellness exam is your opportunity to make sure every aspect of your health is getting the care and attention it needs so that you can stay as healthy as possible. The goal at Life Point Medical is to prevent disease or disability via health promotion and disease detection.

Will my insurance cover it?

Absolutely! Because an annual wellness exam is an excellent preventive care measure, your insurance will cover it. Your insurer knows that catching any health problems as early as possible makes treating them easier and more effective (and ultimately more cost-effective for both them and you). As a result, insurance providers cover this yearly checkup.


If you want to schedule your annual wellness exam, call Life Point Medical, LLC or schedule your appointment online today.

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