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BioTe ADK 10



ADK 5, 10 is a combination of three essential vitamins—A, D3, and K2 that help support immunity, bone health, thyroid function and overall health.


Vitamin A is required for development and growth of bone, as well as being a powerful antioxidant and nutrient that supports immunity, skin health, wound healing and overall health.

Vitamin D3 is essential for calcium metabolism in that it signals to vitamin K to pull calcium out of the blood and into the bone, for stronger, healthier bone. This protective mechanism also helps prevent the buildup of calcium in the blood and soft tissues like arteries and kidneys.

Vitamin D3 supports immune function by regulating the activity of immune cells.

Vitamin D3 supports thyroid health by reducing inflammatory cytokines or molecules that negatively affect thyroid tissue.

Vitamin D3 supports mood by supporting the production and release of serotonin.

Biote's ADK is a multi-mechanistic nutraceutical that supports bone health, immunity, mood, and thyroid function.