Can I Go to the Doctor If I Don’t Have Health Insurance?

Don’t have health insurance? Don't stress! 44 million Americans are in the same boat. Some can’t afford it, others choose not to pay. But either way, it becomes a problem when they need medical attention. So, what are your options?

If you live in or around Clayton, Georgia, come see us at Life Point Medical. We have a caring team of professionals led by Dr. Timothy Scott Beck. We don’t require insurance, we welcome walk-ins, and we always let you know exactly what to expect. Whether you need urgent care, a wellness exam, or anything in between, our prices are clear and fair. 

At Life Point Medical, we believe nobody should be turned away for lack of insurance and everyone deserves quality health care. Unfortunately, many people don’t know their options.

Common experiences of people with no health insurance

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the topic of health insurance in this country. You may be wondering:

With these questions circling in your head (and the answers constantly changing), you may be like millions of other Americans with no health insurance and lots of stress.

Constant uncertainty

Folks without health insurance often worry about their safety and well-being. They never know what the day may bring and what potential health problems and costs may be looming. The anxiety alone is a health risk.

Put off preventative care

People without insurance rarely seek preventative care and only see a doctor when their health problems have become unbearable.

Delayed care ultimately costs more 

When routine check-ups, such as screenings and vaccinations are missed, they often lead to major health problems that could have been prevented but end up costing more in the long run. 

Options for the uninsured

Clearly, the side effects of having no health insurance are hazardous to your health. But what can you do? Here are a few of the resources and action plans for you if you don’t have that insurance card in your wallet.

Free screenings

Contact your local Department of Health to find out about free health screenings in your area, such as pap smears, mammograms, breast cancer, cervical cancer, etc. Some even offer care if your results come back positive.

Free clinics

Many communities offer free medical clinics to uninsured residents and cover basic medical needs such as preventative and primary care.


Many colleges and universities offer free or reduced-fee services, including dental and vision. Inquire with these institutions to see if they have programs available.

Life Point Medical’s flat-rate fee system

If those free services are not available to you or not what you need, come see us at Life Point Medical. We will never turn you away for not having insurance and will always let you know exactly what things cost upfront — no hidden fees.

We have many self-pay services for our uninsured patients, including annual wellness exams, primary care visits, lab work, X-rays, etc.

If you don’t have insurance and need a doctor, contact us to request an appointment. 

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