Exosome Therapy


What are Exosomes? 

Exosome products are a new acellular treatment option available on the regenerative medicine market and are quickly becoming a popular product selection. They are tiny extracellular vesicles that are released from mesenchymal stem cells. They are 30-150 nanometers in size and contain lipids, messenger-RNA, micro-RNA, signaling cytokines, and proteins to help create a regenerative response to various treatment therapies.

Where do Exomes come from? 

Exosomes are isolated from donated human mensenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and purified using proprietary processing. Sterility screening is performed after product manufacture. Our exosomes are anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic, cross the “blood-brain barrier,” have minimal risk of clumping, are easy to administer, contain nearly 3 times more growth factor types compared to adult stem cells, and influence the growth of target cells

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